Real Age of Iron man, Captain America & Spiderman

Get yourself some cool drink, ice cream or something like that because you are about to get shocked after seeing the REAL age of your favourite Movie characters. Don’t worry, we experienced the same feeling when we googled their age. Captain America (Chris Evans): Age: 36 years   Chris Hemsworth: Age: …

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What’s the salary of Ronaldo?

According to Forbes, Ronaldo earned more than any other athlete on the planet in 2016 at $88m (£72m), placing joint-fourth on their list of the top 100 celebrities behind musicians Taylor Swift and One Direction and author James Patterson. Messi placed eighth, on $81.5m (£67m), and James was 11th at $77m …

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Two things we cannot have in dinner table

Dinner is the most important meal of the day, which can boost your energy and mood. There are two things that you can not eat for dinner. Any guess what they are? 1.Breakfast 2. Lunch   Sometimes you have to use your common sense, answer can be very simple but little bit confusing

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