8 Stories About DOG Who Were Miraculously Saved by Love and Care

Few people know that the animals that get lost or are thrown away by their owners don’t just turn into stray animals and join a pack. Even strong dogs that grew up in a house have almost no chance of survival out on the streets, let alone small dogs and cats. Nature doesn’t create animals to be ugly and aggressive. The reason why …

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9 Signs of Dog Kidney Problems That You Should Never Ignore

Just like human kidneys, your dog’s kidneys balance certain substances in the blood and filter out the body’s wastes as urine. They maintain normal concentrations of salt and water in the body. Kidneys also help control blood pressure, aid in calcium metabolism and sustain phosphorous levels. Additionally, they manufacture a hormone that encourages …

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DOG Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes

Some people say a dog is better than the human being because they love they are loyal and unconditionally love more than anyone.Though there will always communication barrier between your best friend dog, no one can separate you apart.Express your feelings on your DOG birthday, say that you love more than then anyone else. “Nobody loves …

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