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Take a garlic bulb and separate all cloves. Peel away skin and make a fine chop of cloves and place them into an open area for two or three days for making them dry. After getting them dry put chopped cloves into a  bowl and pour honey on it. All chopped cloves must be honey. The ratio of this mixture is one part of garlic and two parts of honey. Now mix both ingredients well and pour into a jar.

How to use: 

Take out one tablespoon of the mixture from the jar it into a glass of lukewarm water and well into the water and drink. 


Take one tbsp after breakfast and take one tbsp in evening i.e four hours after your Lunch. 

Caution : 

  • People who have an ulcer and low blood pressure avoid taking garlic before breakfast or empty stomach. They may take two hours after breakfast.  
  • Don’t take garlic paste from the market 
  • Don’t use china brand garlic


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