How to make a free CV / Resume without any computer?

You want to send CV(Curriculum Vitae) but don’t have a laptop or computer to send CV ?

There are plenty of awesome services right now which can make a good looking CV for FREE !! Yes FREE !

All you have to do is  enter some details and your CV would be delivered to your email.

These websites are super optimized for mobile so you don’t even need any laptop or PC to create one.

Most important note :

Please please please ! Don’t forget to send your cv /resume in PDF or word document .

Interviewers REJECTS cv if you send them in picture .png or jpg format because it really really looks odd and unprofessional.

Also, its a good practice to make set of 10 physical copies so you can take them at time of interview.


Some additional Notes :

CV can be as long as 4-5 pages

but Resumes are usually 1 pager


Here is a list of some links which make free CV’s  :




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