7 Different Types of Pliers and Their Uses

Every Electrician has a pair of pliers in their house. But u will surprise that how many pliers exist and u are not aware of them.

1.Crimping Pliers

Crimping Pliers



These pliers have the fulcrum at the far end and are used similarly to a nutcracker. Wires are fed into the jack of the jaw first, then the connector. Squeezing the handles will break through the plastic coating and cause the two sections to deform (or crimp) in such a way that they stick together and allow data to pass through. Crimping pliers are used heavily in networking and telecommunications.

2.Diagonal Pliers



The jaws of these pliers have an angled edge designed to cut through thick wire. They are quite strong and can also be used to cut nails. Thus they are useful in carpentry as well as electrical work.

3.Hose Clamp Pliers




These pliers are designed to compress hose and spring clamps, making the connection tighter. As a result, they come in a wide range of designs. The most common models have a peg-shaped tooth on each jaw, which is used to pinch the clamp. Some models may also be used directly on the hose.

4.Needle Nose Pliers

Needle Nose Pliers


The nose of this tool is elongated for more precision and contains a cutting edge near the base. A highly versatile tool, it can be used for bending, shaping, and cutting wire. These pliers are employed by a wide range of trades, including armoring, electrical, fishing, jewelry making, and network engineering. Most home toolkits will have at least one of these.

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5.Slip Joint Pliers

Slip Joint Pliers


Closely related to the adjustable wrench, these pliers have an adjustable fulcrum to alter the width of the jaws. Many variants have notches for the fulcrum’s bolt to slip into when the jaws are open, letting you lock on a specific width. They are often used for plumbing applications and can perform many of the same duties as wrenches.

6.Snap Ring Pliers

Snap Ring Pliers


These pliers have short, round jaws to aid in closing snap rings. These rings are open-ended loops that fit into grooves of a dowel or other round object. Once closed, the ring can rotate freely but is unable to slide sideways. They are commonly used for the gears on mountain bikes and similar vehicles.

7.Tongue and Groove Pliers

Tongue and Groove Pliers


These are an adjustable type of pliers with a toothed groove along the upper handle, allowing the lower jaw to be locked into a number of positions. The angled jaws make this tool useful for turning nuts and bolts.

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