Electrical Service Van for Contractor

When an electrical contractor is racing against the clock to provide timely service to customers, every minute counts. As such, many contractors are equipping their electricians with a fully stocked “warehouse on wheels.”


For service contractors, vehicles can serve as rolling billboards. As such, companies must not only keep the inside of their vehicles organized but also maintain the cleanliness of the exterior and feature a good design to build the brand.

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By setup, each work in the vehicle, electrical contractors can improve their electricians’ efficiency.


In the company’s service vans, electrical parts are organized in numerical and alphabetical order within plastic bins, each of which includes a list of what’s inside of it as well as the quantity of each item, so electricians know exactly how to find each part. The parts are also grouped together in similar types and colors. For example, all the white receptacle covers are stored in the same bin.

Each van includes a variety of parts, including multiple brands and styles of circuit breakers; receptacles; screws, wire nuts, switches;  and connectors; electrical panels; wire; smoke detectors; surge protectors; and lamps. In addition, the electricians stock other work-specific items, such as a lubricant, pipe benders, drills, insect spray, ladders, drop cords and drop lights.

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If the electrician needs a unique part, the company will courier the product directly from the distributor to the job site. Because they have the general parts they need to get started, however, the electricians can stay in front of the customer rather than disappearing for an hour-long trip to a local store.

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