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A transformer is a device working on mutual inductance principle to convert electrical energy from one voltage/ current level to another. There are different types of transformers used for different purposes.


  • Laminated core Transformer
  • Toroidal Transformer
  • Auto transformer
  • Variable auto transformer
  • Induction regulator Transformer(high voltage transformer)
  • Polyphase transformer
  • Grounding transformer
  • Phase-shifting transformer
  • Variable-frequency transformer(three-phase transformer)
  • Leakage or stray field transformers
  • Resonant transformer
  • Constant voltage transformer
  • Ferrite core transformer
  • Planar transformer
  • Oil cooled transformer
  • Cast resin transformer
  • Isolating transformer

(2) Instrument transformer

  • Current transformer
  • Voltage transformer or potential transformer
  • Combined instrument transformer

(3) Pulse transformer

(4) RF transformer

  • Air-core transformer
  • Ferrite-core transformer
  • Transmission-line transformer
  • Balun transformer

(5) IF transformer

(6) Audio transformer

  • Two speaker level audio transformer
  • Five speaker level audio transformer
  • Loudspeaker transformer

Output transformer

  • Small signal transformer
  • Inter stage and coupling transformers


Other types of transformers are


  • Hedgehog transformer
  • Rotary transformer
  • Variable differential transformer

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