Measure Everything Only With Your Hands | Civil Engineering Fact

Measuring is the most important part in the civil engineering field, you must know some tricks to measure object without using any measuring tools such as the ruler, protractor, or tape measure. For this purpose, we will give some basic trick to measure dimensions such as degrees and length by using human hand

For example, if you open your thumb and your index finger, the length between them will be roughly 18 centimeters.

Furthermore, if you open the thumb and the little finger instead, you will get extra 2 centimeters for a total of about 20 centimeters. Of course, human hands are different sizes, so this method is just a way to measure the estimated length.

And now for the third trick. As you can see in the below photo, you can measure degrees with your palm because you will have a 90-degree angle with your thumb and your little finger. You can also measure 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and 60 degrees with this method.

Measure Everything Only With Your Hands

Measure Everything With human hand

Finally, see the following pictures and learn several more measuring tricks.

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