Difference Between Closed and Open Circuit | Electrical Engineering Facts

Let us come from basics.

We call flow of charge is called current. And in order to create the flow, we need a force. That we are achieving the positive charge and negative charge.

As positive charge and negative charge attract each other we create a circuit and makes it flow.

Consider the diagram:

open closed circuits

Here in order to glow the bulb, we need current (flow of charge) So we connecting a source, here battery.

Closed circuit.

Once we make the circuit complete +ve charge and -ve charge attracts each other. Thus creating a flow of electrons i.e. current. This complete circuit is called closed circuit.

Open Circuit

If you disconnect any side of the source or anywhere along the line the +ve charge and – charge cannot have any kind of attraction between each other resulting from an absence of flow of electrons. This incomplete circuit is called open circuit.

Difference: Closed circuit conducts electricity, whereas Open circuit does not conduct electricity.

 Source: www.quora.com


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