8 Stories About DOG Who Were Miraculously Saved by Love and Care

Few people know that the animals that get lost or are thrown away by their owners don’t just turn into stray animals and join a pack. Even strong dogs that grew up in a house have almost no chance of survival out on the streets, let alone small dogs and cats.

Nature doesn’t create animals to be ugly and aggressive. The reason why they are angry or scared is the result of abuse or betrayal. Fortunately, love can actually do miracles and save even the most hopeless ones

1. Xena

Xena was found in someone’s yard when she collapsed there almost lifeless. She was taken to a clinic where all the veterinarians were shocked by Xena’s health. They said that they had never seen an animal in this state. She was completely dehydrated and her nose was scabbed over. It seems that she tried to escape a bad situation and most likely succeeded. Xena was adopted by the Hickey family. Jonny Hickey, the youngest child in the family, is autistic and before they got the dog, he was very isolated. But Xena changed everything: according to Jonny’s mother Linda, he talks all the time now. He really connected with Xena.

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