7 Common Dog Skin Problem you should Never Avoid

Skin is the most sensitive part of dog body, if your dog mood is not good or he is feeling uncomfortable then you should never ignore and take the action immediately.Sometimes skin problems are the indication of  serious health issues There are some symptoms of skin problems are as follow:

1.Fleas, mange, or mites

Parasites bite can irritate your dog, parasite’e saliva is so dangerous that it would react to an allergic reaction.If your dog is doing excessive biting and scratching then it will be the primary sign of fleas.Mites can cause scaly skin and dandruff, sometimes ear mites cause your dog to shake and move your head violently.Mange is responsible for sores, scabs and hair loss.


The dog has allergies just like human beings.Most common allergens include mold, dust, smoke, perfumes, shampoos, medication and food.Despite scratching, some additional symptoms include runny eyes, diarrhea, vomiting and paw chewing or swelling.

3.Poor Diet

Nutrition deficiency and low-quality diet is the main cause of skin problem.Poor diet can cause flaking, redness and itching skin.Try to be a focus on dog diet, that is he taking all the nutrition value or not.

4.Irritating Shampoo

Dog shampoo should be separated that must be applicable to the dog, if you are using human shampoos to the dog then definitely your dog skin will dry out and irritate your dog.

5.Cold Weather

The weather has the main effect on dog skin health, especially when dryness caused by indoor heating systems can really take a toll on your dog.If your dog skin is dry with seasonal changes then you should immediately visit your veteran doctor.

6. Fungal and bacterial infections

There are certain conditions which make your dog susceptible to bacterial skin and fungal infections.These symptoms may include hot spots, crusting, redness, sores,hair loss and scabs.

7.Thyroid Diseases

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which dog skin becomes dry due to lack of essential hormones.Your dog’s coat becomes brittle and dull, you will allow seeing excessive shedding.Weight gain, behavioral changes, skin darkening and thickening are the major symptoms of the thyroid disease.

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