Careem bike service

Careem recently launched a great service in which you can share a ride on the bike.

The mechanism is totally straight and identical to Careem Go and Go+ ride booking.

Why its better than Careem car service?


For customers:


Its way better, cheap and fast as compared to Careem car service.

This can totally save you from getting stuck in traffic for the longer period.

And since bikes don’t consume that much fuel, so its fares are cheaper than other.


For bike captains:


The great news is you can earn the same amount by riding your bike as well.

Yes, that’s right.

You would be earning more than 50,000 rs if you ride your bike yourself for more than 10 hours a day.

I agree that 10 hours are too much but its good for earning some rapid amount with the least amount of income.

I also suggest everyone who is reading this article to spread this as much as possible in your circle.

As in our society, there are lots of distressed hearts who you can help just pointing the idea to their head.

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