15 Best software house in karachi in which you should apply in 2019

If you are a fresh graduate of Computer science/ Software engineering/Computer Engineering and thinking to apply to some “Good” software house then you should check out this list and make a full effort to get a job in any one of the software houses.

Best software companies are listed below, you would need to pass a test before your interview. The test consists of logical and reasoning problems.

In which field should I apply?

It has been seen that lots of new graduates don’t even know their department of interest nor they are aware which Job position is appropriate for them.

Do you know if the interviewer asks you “For which department you are looking for the job ?” and you desperately just say “I just do any job “.  Then you are making a bad mistake over here. because you have allowed an employer to think that this guy is just desperate to get a job. To help you out we have made another list containing various job roles (click below link ):

Which department is better for me? (Mobile apps, SEO, Web Design etc )

Note: In the list below we only tried to compile a list of software companies. If a company name is written in decreasing order then it doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have a value or it’s a smaller company.


Axact focuses to grow Pakistan’s IT exports by $50 billion, by increasing its workforce to 100,000. To answer to this increasing no of the workforce, Axact decided and initiated huge projects of infrastructure developments as well as growth.

Website link:




10Pearls search professionals who flourish on new ideas and skills. 10Pearls special business practices, culture and vast career opportunity for growth help us engage professionals that have an entrepreneurial soul.

Website Link:



 3. Folio3

The folio3  main objective is to bring change, honesty, and agility – the Silicon Valley start-up genes – to the software system industry.

Website Link:



4. TRG

Website Link:



5. Systems Limited









There are 4 products of systems limited includes EdgeAX, OneLoad, SysHCM, and AX Talent Suite.

Website Link : 



6. Creative Chaos

Website Link :



7. TPS

TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, the main software house specializes in settlement and transaction processing solutions.TPS is over 150 committed, expert and determined young professionals. TPS provides a range of demanding opportunities for rapid growth.

Website Link :



8. Arpatech(Founders of EAT oye)

Website Link :



9.Venture Dive (Founders of Careem)

VentureDive was established by technology entrepreneurs who studied at Stanford and MIT. Their main objective to create a world-class technology organization.

Website Link :



10. Avanza

Avanza has over 300+ employees worldwide and continues to develop on a quarterly premise. Every employee at Avanza is a certified business manager, with a significant focal on enhancement and learning options, work-life stability, and remembrance.

Website Link :



11. Netsol

NetSol Technologies is an international business service supplier and enterprise application solutions.NetSol has used its BestShoring application and highly skilled resources are used in the examination, development, quality assurance, and execution of high-quality, efficient software service.

Website Link :



12. Techlogix


Techlogix is an IT services,  business solutions company that assists the worldwide client to achieve enterprise change by harmonizing people, business activity, and technology.

Website Link:



13. Wavetech

Wavetec is progressing the world through its technological revolution enhancing customer experiences serve to different markets. Wavetec’s people are self-motivated, intelligent and bright.

Website Link:



14. MutliNet Pakistan Private Limited

Multinet is known for its authentic connectivity solutions. Company has  12,000 km long self-healing and scalable optical fiber network

Website Link:




Viftech Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. is a paramount Information Technology (IT) solution, provider.Viftech was established with the perception of providing optimal customer satisfaction through a span of training and software problem solutions.

Website Link:





ABTACH Ltd. It is one of the leading IT companies in Karachi. Within a half a decade, the company is renowned as the top competitor due to its unmatched services. From running profitable branding campaigns to delivering state-of-art IT products, ABTACH is a firm known for its perfection and unbeatable dedication.

Website link: https://abtach.com/

Important Note:

Ranking of these companies is not because of fame, popularity or any other factor. We have only tried to compile 15 one of the best software companies on one page so that fresh graduate may they know where they should be applying for the first place.

Some Other Jobs:

Chase Value Center:


Job At Ptcl:




Job At Yamaha Motors:



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    Keep sharing.

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