How to dodge 20% of Fiverr commission?

We all love Fiverr because it’s a great place to kickstart your career of freelancing.

You are happy , your clients are happy working with you. Things go well if you are working for projects under  $500 but  as soon you had to cross $500 then you become frustrated because Fiverr cut down huge amount because of that 20% commission.



Example :

If you get a project on Fiverr of $50 then you would be earning $40 for your work

But if you get a project of $1000 then you would be getting $800 while  missing $200 because of FIVERR commission.


What are the disadvantages of this 20% commission?

You must be thinking that “Who cares if they charge 20% ?I will just charge more from client“.

But that’s wrong! because this would go against you. Your client may decline taking services from you because you might be charging too much for him.



If you got a new client then you should invite him to FREELANCER.COM, They are charging 0% for all new clients that your refer. But be careful don’t write “” or any other invite link. Their algorithms are so advanced that they may detect immediately that you are moving away their customers.



Try following procedure:

Step # 1: Create Note:

Open “” . It allows to write a secret message and make a new link. Your text gets erased once your client read it .


Step # 2: Create Link:

Step # 3: Send on Fiverr



An Important Note :

Don’t forget that you are getting this project through Fiverr. The least thing you could do is break project into two modules:

(Like ask client to purchase logo, letterhead and SEO gig from Fiverr ) and complete rest of the website development work using or upwork .

  1. Do one module using Fiverr ($50)
  2. And do a transaction of the larger amount on or upwork. ($950)



Above said option is only feasible when your client is insisting to do tons of work for a very small chunk of money and chances of your client to fly away is pretty high without spending a penny.

Note: This post has no link with or officials.  Every idea described above is just from the thoughts of the author.


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