List of jobs at HUM NEWS TV in 2017

Hum tv is soon going to launch its own news channel called “HUM NEWS”. They have some great openings for both (on screen and off screen) staff.

Hum news  Link :


Hum News Facebook Page link :


Vacancies for off-screen are following :

What is off- screen?

Off- screen jobs are those in which you don’t needed to come infront of the camera . There are lots of jobs like Human Resource Managment, Sales , Marketing , Research etc etc which are done at back office

  1. Technical
  2. News Room
  3. Production/Programming
  4. Sales & marketing
  5. Administration
  6. Creative
  7. Business Development & strategy
  8. Research
  9. HR
  10. Operation Logistics
  11. Digital and social media
  12. Finance & accounting
  13. Publications and Public relationship

Vacancies for ON-screen are following :

What is ON- screen?

ON- screen jobs are those in which you will have to face the camera . If you wanted to become next “Fahad Mustafa ” or “Amir Liaquat” then you should apply from  one of the job .

  1. News Reader
  2. Program Host
  3. Analyst
  4. Commentator
  5. Satire/Comedy
  6. Video Blogger

So what are you waiting for?

Apply Now using this link :


Visit hum tv news official career site -> fill up the form ->pray to ALLAH -> and just wait for your interview call.

A step-by-step guide for applying at HUM NEWS :

# 1 Open this website link:

# 2  Enter First name and Last  :

# 3  Enter Email address:

# 4  Select your city :

# 5  Select your desired Department:

# 6  Select category:

# 7  Upload CV (Don’t upload images. Use .pdf or .Doc file only):

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