Taxi wala In the form of Angel Real Story Of Karachi

It was around 10 PM when we were heading towards DUA restaurant on the highway . We were having a get-together with family members at that place.


We were going in our  Toyota Corolla. I was new to driving and haven’t checked engine oil of the car before leaving home. After going about 5 km from Al Asif square(Area Near Sohrab  Goth) our car started coughing with some (Kring-GGG !! ) noises.  But we kept moving and dragged about 0.3 km in same dangerous condition.

We were not able to stop and have a look at the reasons of that noise since trucks and heavy vehicles were in the queue behind us.

Our car then started producing some smoke near the bonnet. We stopped our car on the side of the road.

As a  KARACHI WALA, we always hear about the “Criminals” and about lots of bad activities near Sohrab Goth and it was definitely not a safe idea to stop the car in such lonely and strange area.

After opening bonnet of the car we found that our car was out of the water … so we just poured bottles and bottles of water to hungry radiator .. started the car but in vain .. it didn’t start!

Suddenly we saw a “Pathan Taxi wall” coming near our spot.

He started asking about what happened and what’s wrong with the car ?  Our father said may be there was no water in the radiator that’s why it was happening like this.

That taxi wala tried checking battery wires, spark plugs and all other stuff.

He then checked “engine oil”.  It was empty! we were dragging our car for so long with almost 0.01% of engine oil.  CRAP !! 

Now the main thing happened …

He asked my brother to come with him and he will help us to get engine oil. He says it’s his “Adda”  and he knows where we can find “engine oil ” at this time.

We got no other choice.  My brother decided to go with him.  He then went almost 1 km away in search of engine oil as most the shops were closed at that time.

FINALLY … he found a shop where he could get some “non-branded, cheapest and weird green color “engine oil.

Taxi wala along with by brother then came back after 20 min searching to same location where our car was stuck.

We then poured all engine oil and then Thanks to Allah our car started … !

Because of his generosity, we offered him some amount as a reward but most surprisingly he denied accepting it .  Karachi is a city where no one leaves 1Rs  pending but that great man kept denying the reward. We even said at least take some “Chai Pani kharcha ”  but his answer was same.

In the end , he just said “Yeh sab Allah kay liya hai hum ney ,  Paisey nai chiye mujhe. Humara gari bi rastey main kabi khaarab hojata hai is liye bus madad kiya humney tmhara . Bus sirf duaon main yaad rakhna .Khuda Hafiz ! “

Conclusion :

Good people still exist in Karachi! Yes, that man got beard and was Pathan but that man really helped us out in our most difficult time.

Stop judging by appearance, cast, and race.

P.S: And yes our phones and wallets all were safe as well . jaib katra bi nai tha woh  …… haaan “FARISHTA ” zoror hosakta hai  🙂


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