Best Computer Science Jobs In Pakistan – 2017

In Pakistan, if you’re  a computer engineer or computer science student then it’s a good news for you that you will never be unemployed . Computer field has lots of potentials nowadays globally as well as in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. All I wanted to say that you just can’t say that I am a Sofware engineer and I am “Jobless”.

Techie guys can go in lots of domains. Most people will categorize  IT department into Hardware and Software, In Pakistan Hardware has very low scope as compared to Software.The software sector is very demandable, besides networking, database jobs there are many new fields which pay you more.


1.Mobile Application Development


In today’s world, everybody has smartphone and every client now wants his own smartphone app hence this has significantly increased the demand of Mobile App Development.

Right now there are two dominators of mobile app industry:

  1. iOS
  2. Android

iOS application development is more payable as compared to Android because of less iOS developer in Pakistan, it doesn’t mean that Android Development has less scope, it’s just supply and demand ratio.


2. Web Developer

Web development is an older field in computer development, but now lots of things have been changed, about 75% traffic is from a mobile phone.You have to learn basic skills like HTML, CSS, java script and PHP (AT LEAST) to work in this section.One of the great platforms is WordPress, in which you can make Good responsiveness website. If you want to get success in this era your website should be mobile friendly and SEO optimized.

To sum up here are some languages/ frameworks you must work on to be a web developer:

Client side Web Developer:

  1. Html5 , CSS , Javascript
  2. Angular JS
  3. WordPress

Server Side:

  1. PHP
  2. Nodejs + mongoDb

3.Graphic Designing + Animator

Graphic Designing is the hottest trend in I.T. Just look around you, every shop, Mobile app, website,  facebook page, Ad Campaign, TV channel Dramas, in short, everyone wants a creative designer who can make beautiful, eye-catching, attractive logos to make their brands appealing. If you are interested in designing side then you could work on following areas of interest :

  1. Logo Designing.
  2. Mobile App UI /UX designing
  3. Motion Designing .
  4. Video Editing using after effects
 Note : Even if you don’t have a professional Degree but got relevant skills then companies may still hire you because they are mostly interested to make the job done.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO person’s job ? Well SEO is all about ranking.  SEO specialists are required by companies to rank websites so that would start popping up in the search engine like Google. There are dozens of video tutorials available on youtube ,Codera, Udemy, and all you need is a computer and good internet connection to make your self a guru in this field. Yeah you can do it champ!

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media Marketing is about making your social media business page into a traffic gaining magnet in which you would be diverting attention of people towards your page so that they may use the product/ website. This could be a dream job for lots of people as you would be the only official one in which facebook/twitter would be logged in for whole 9-5. Your duties and responsibilities would be to create posts ,answering people’s queries in comments/ inbox and doing engaging posts to keep your facebook /twitter page alive.


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