6 Best Gulab Jamun bakeries in Karachi

You definitely are a true pakistani if gulab jamun is used in all your celebration events. Whether its wedding, job promotion , or new arrival in your family 😀

In karachi, pakistan there are only few awesome bakeries which are genuinely responsible for making a delicious , mouth watering sweets.

Here we have listed down bakeries which are a simply life savour :


  1. Qasr-e-Shireen (Defence Khayaban-e-ittehad and Nazimabad)
  2. Dhakka Sweets (Gulshan , Near Nipa)
  3. Dilpasand (Nazimabad, Azizabad)
  4. Dhamthal (Azizabad)
  5. Mehmood Sweets (Water Pump)
  6.  United king


Here are some other gulab juman  pictures… check them for no reason….


Gulab Jamun pic 1

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Gulab Jamun pic 2

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Gulab Jamun pic 3


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