Is Electrical Engineering in Demand?

Electrical engineering is a very broad field. Just in the electric power industry alone, there are relay protection, communications, substation, distribution and transmission engineers.

This industry began around 1885 and over its history, the infrastructure has been built and rebuilt over the years. The most obvious reason for the rebuilding, of course, is the aging infrastructure. Another reason is the improvement of materials and controls.


New electric facilities are continuously being built at a rapid pace to keep up with population growth.

Many electrical engineers and supporting utility workers spend their lifetime trying to keep up with all this work. As these people age, they retire and they need to be replaced. There is currently a tremendous amount of work in this country, or the world for that matter, that needs to be done.

Any electrical engineering student who concentrates their effort in power will not find it difficult to find a job at an electric utility or consulting firm.

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