Why does electrical engineering suck? | Electrical Engineering

No electrical engineer sucks if he definitely has ultimate interest or passion towards it.

There are many students who don’t see them fit for electrical engineering. It’s because of lack of knowledge in the concerned department or lack of interest.

electrical engineering

Engineering is not just the study for 4 years.

  • it’s the matter of your career over a period of 35–40 yrs.
  • It’s the matter of your interest towards the subject.
  • It’s the matter of your subject to teach the younger generations.
  • It’s the matter about invention or discovery about our own electrical engineering.
  • And moreover, It’s the matter of your life.

Nicolas Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Maxwell, Ampere, Coulomb and many more spent their entire life in the electrical department to give a hassle-free life to the 21st century.

Just think what if there is no electricity for just 2–3 hrs in a day, we all feel irritated at that moment.

No electrical engineer will be in the dumb state if he truly admires the department.


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