Pitbull Terrier Vs Rottweiler – Which is better? Comparison

Comparison between  American Pit Bull Terrier and Rottweiler. We Use the tool to compare temperament, maintenance requirement size, personality, Owner Experience, Children, Barking, and Grooming. 
Breed Name Rottweiler American Pit Bull Terrier
General Details
Breed Type Purebred Purebred
Is Hypo­allergenic No No
Lifespan 8-11 yrs. 12-14 yrs.
Height 22-27 in. 17-20 in.
Weight 85-130 lb 30-90 lb
Intelligence High Average
Origin Country Germany United Kingdom
Origin Year 100 AD 1898 AD
Overall Friendliness Very Good Very Good
Family Friendly Very Good Good
Kid Friendly Very Good Good
Pet-Friendly Very Good Very Good
Stranger Friendly Below Average Good
  • Aggressive
  • Loving
  • Stubborn
  • Willing To Please
  • Affectionate
  • Aggressive
  • Loving
  • Willing To Please
                                              Living Environment
Apartment Yes Yes
Indoor Yes Yes
Small Yard Yes Yes
Medium Yard Yes Yes
Large Yard Yes Yes
Temperature Tolerance ¹ 45°F to 80°F 45°F to 85°F
Barks/Howls Very Often Often
Exercise Needs
Energy Level Low-High Medium-High
Exercise Required Medium Medium-High
Top Running Speed 22 mph 30 mph
Strength Very High Very High
Grooming Needs
Coat Main­tenance Low Low
Shedding Low High
Dander Low Medium
Drool Amount Medium None-Low
Instincts & Behavior Comparison
Breed Name Rottweiler American Pit Bull Terrier
Breed Mentality
Dominant/Alpha No Yes
Family/Pack Yes No
Independent No No
Breed Focus
Distracted Easily No No
Average Yes No
Focused & Patient No Yes
Breed Instincts
Aggression High Average
Burrow/Digging Very Low Below Average
Chasing Below Average Average
Follow Commands Below Average Average
Fighting High High
Guarding High Average
Herding Very Low Average
Hunting Below Average Below Average
Protection High High
Remove Vermin Below Average Average
Sledding High Average
Watch High Average
Health Comparison
Breed Name Rottweiler American Pit Bull Terrier
Lifespan 8-11 yrs. 12-14 yrs.
Common Health Issues
Allergies Yes No
Aortic Stenosis Yes No
Bloat Yes No
Demodectic Mange No Yes
Elbow Dysplasia Yes No
Hip Dysplasia Yes Yes
Hypothyroidism Yes No
Osteosarcoma Yes No
Panosteitis Yes No
Skin Allergies No Yes
Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis Yes No

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